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Environmental & Social Report 2011


  Environmental & Social Report 2011 (FY 2010 Edition)  
  Environmental Report 2011 (Full page)  
  | INDEX |  
  ● About JGC/The JGC Group/Editorial Policy/Contents  
  ● Message from the CEO  
  ● Relationships Between the JGC Group's
  Businesses and the Society, Environment
  ● Corporate Governance  
  ● Risk Management  
   ● Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake  
   ● Feature Article  
   Next-Generation Technology to Build a Better Future  
   ● Project  
   Health, Safety, and Environment Concerns
in Project Activities
   Health, Safety, and Environment Consideration
at Every Stage of EPC
   Occupational Health and Safety  
   Environmental Consideration in Investment Projects
and Research & Development
   ● Management  
   Environmental Consideration Based on
Environmental Management
   The JGC Group's Environmental Management  
   Environmental Objectives, Targets, and Achievement  
   JGC Environmental Indicators  
   Continuous Improvement of Management Systems  
   Biodiversity Initiatives  
   ● Technology  
   The JGC Group's Environmental Technology  
   Using JGC's Environmental Technology to
Solve Difficult Issues
   Environmental Activities at Group Companies  
   ● Social  
   Social Dimensions of Sustainability  
   Personnel Development and Communication with
   Corporate Social Responsibility