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Environmental & Social Report 2010


  Environmental & Social Report 2010 (FY 2009 Edition)  
  Environmental Report 2010 (Full page)  
  | INDEX |  
  ● Editorial Policy/Contents  
  ● Message from the CEO  
  ● JGC Group's Environmental Management  
  ● JGC Group's Business, Society and the Environment  

● The Role of JGC Group’ s Engineering in
  Mitigating Environmental Impacts on Society

   ● Fiscal 2009 Highlights
  New Approaches to Solving Electric Power,
  Water, and Environmental Problems
   Our Commitment: Executive Vice President Interview  
   Major Electricity, Water, and
Environment-Related Projects Currently in Progress
   ● I JGC Group’s Environmental Technologies  
   Underground CO2 Sequestration  
   CDM Projects in China  
   Environmental Activities of Group Companies  
   ● II Environmental Consideration in Business Activities  
   Our Commitment
Interview with the Senior General Manager, Quality
Assurance, Safety & Environment Office
   Environmental Consideration at Every Stage of EPC  
   Environmental Consideration in
Investment Projects and Research & Development

● III Environment Protection Framework Based on

  Environmental Management Systems

   Our Commitment
Interview with the Safety Management Group Leader,
Construction Management Dept.
   Environmental Objectives, Targets, and Achievement  
   JGC Environmental Indicators  
   Review of Environmental Management Systems
(EMS): Objective and Target Setting
   Biodiversity Initiatives  
   ● IV Social Dimensions of Sustainability  
   Occupational Health and Safety  
   Personnel Development and Communication with
   Corporate Social Responsibility