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General Description for JGC HSE Web site




This Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Web site provides a brief presentation of the JGC HSE Management System and presents information regarding JGC's HSE Policy and safety performance.


JGC's commitment to HSE requires that their operations be conducted in such a way as to preserve the health and safety of their employees, plant operators and the general public and to give due regard to the protection of the environment.


The highest standards in health, safety and environmental preservation and protection which JGC's HSE Corporate Policy requires be met, can only be achieved through a systematic approach to the establishment, implementation and maintenance of an HSE Management System designed to ensure, as a minimum, compliance with the laws and project requirements and to achieve continuous performance improvements.


JGC HSE Management System is integrated into each functional area of JGC operations and consists of comprehensive, proven policies, procedures, standards and processes which define responsibility, activities and methods for identifying, understanding and controlling hazards and for eliminating preventable incidents that might lead to injuries to persons or damage to the environment.  



JGC's HSE Management System consists of the following:


  • HSE Corporate Policy: Communicating JGC's Corporate Management commitment to HSE to all JGC personnel, subcontractors and vendors
  • HSE Management Program: Setting the responsibilities and providing policies and objectives to be adopted during each phase of the work
  • Offices' HSE Plan: Covering the HSE aspects of the offices, including preparedness and evacuation plans in case of emergencies
  • Engineering HSE standard procedures and check lists: Specifying the minimum requirements and guidelines for HSE
  • Construction HSE manual and standard procedures: Specifying the minimum requirements and guidelines for HSE during construction
  • Project HSE Plans and Procedures: Developed based on the project requirements and the corporate documentation