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Environmental & Social Report 2013


  Environmental & Social Report 2013 (FY 2012 Edition)  
  Environmental & Social Report 2013 (Full page)  
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● Introduction

About JGC/The JGC Group/Editorial Policy


● Message from the Chairman

Through Engineering, JGC Contributes to Environmental Conservation, Industrial Development and the Prosperity of Society.

  ● JGC Group's CSR Policy  
  ● Relationships with Major Stakeholders  
  ● Corporate Governance  
   ● Risk Management  
   ● Operations of the JGC Group  
   ● The JGC Group's Environmental Measures  

● Special Feature

Initiatives at the JGC Group Aimed at Realizing a Sustainable Society 

   Efforts to Promote Renewable Energy  
   Our Efforts to Develop Smart Communities  


Becoming the Leading Global Health, Safety, and the Environment Contractor

   JGC Aims for Zero Incidents and Injuries  
   Health, Safety, and Environmental Considerations Associated with Business Activities  
   Occupational Health and Safety  
   Safety and Environmental Considerations in Investment Projects and Research & Development  

● The Environment

The JGC Group's Environmental Technologies and Environmental Conservation Activities

   Development of NOx Removal Catalysts for Overseas Markets  
   The JGC Group's Environmental Management  
   Continuous Improvement of Management Systems  
   Environmental Objectives, Targets, and Achievements  
   Environmental Report on Office Activities  
   Using JGC's Environmental Technology to Solve Difficult Issues  

● Society

Activities as a Corporate Citizen

   Sustainable Development for Both Energy-Consuming Countries and Resource-Producing Countries  
   Personnel Development and Communication with
   Our Contributions to Society