HSSE Activities & Programs

Zero Emissions Initiative 2015


HSE 2015 and Environmental Improvement Activities 


After the start of our five-year medium-term management plan "New Horizon 2015" in 2011, the JGC Group has been promoting a new initiative, "HSE 2015," with the objective of becoming an "HSE No. 1 Global Contractor".


In accordance with the expansion of our business fields, and emphasis on Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) in our policies, we do not limit the environmental improvement activities of "HSE 2015" to reducing immediate by-products (wastes, leaks, greenhouse gases). Medium- and long-term targets (2020, 2050) are also set, while "Environmental Efforts through Business Activities" are promoted.


The JGC Group has now renamed its environmental improvement activity "Zero Emissions Initiative 2015". To grow toward its vision, the JGC Group will accelerate its activities: Proposing, planning and implementing projects to respond to the needs of global environmental conservation, and operating businesses and investing in them when necessary.

Poster for Zero Emissions Initiative 2015