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JGC Group HSSE Core Values


During the JGC HSSE Conference held in July 28, 2015, JGC President Mr. Koichi Kawana announced the newly established and permanent "JGC Group HSSE Core Values," which are commonly applicable within JGC Group worldwide. These Core Values serve as the guiding principle in the internal and external conduct of all JGC Group employees towards colleagues, partners and the people around them. The Core Values express the belief, the identity, and the attitude of JGC Group employees across the world. 



I. HSSE Philosophy 

To create safe, secure and healthy workplaces in which all staff can carry out their functions with confidence.


II. HSSE Slogan  

Respect and Care


III. HSSE Individual Code of Behaviour  

  • Be a willing observer of basic rules
  • Be mutually supportive, and appreciate the contributions made by others
  • Be prepared to take the lead


IV.  The JGC Group HSSE Logo