HSSE Activities & Programs

Training & Awareness



Training and awareness are vital elements in any company or organization aiming at improving employee skills, competence, and motivation. In order to understand processes, systems and tasks, its associated risks, as well as the safety arrangements in place to control the risks, it is imperative for employees to acquire the essential skills necessary for the job.  This will enable employees to carry out the job safely and prevent workplace incidents and injuries, and should one happen nevertheless, mitigating the consequences thereof.






JGC Corporation, as part of the career development strategy for new employees, has established a HSSE training course aimed at raising the overall understanding of JGC’s HSSE management system and its requirements among its personnel. JGC has also extended this training course to its subsidiaries in other regions and countries.






At JGC’s overseas projects, the HSSE requirements are communicated to all project personnel (Client, JGC, Subcontractors, Vendors and Visitors) through the HSSE orientation training and further task/trade specific HSSE training. HSSE awareness is being additionally increased by sharing important and valuable information through the project HSSE communication program. This includes, but is not limited to, the sharing of incident alerts, HSSE bulletins, good and bad practice bulletins, lessons learned, HSSE performance reports and statistics, and the like. Training requirements for each employee is determined by the training needs analysis, which is then incorporated into the project training matrix.


In JGC Corporation and its subsidiaries and projects, training and awareness is the foundation for a safe workplace and positive safety culture. JGC endeavors to continually improve is HSSE management system and training program to raise the skill level of its employees and also raise the HSSE awareness among its entire workforce.