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HSSE Management System



One of JGC’s key to success is its outstanding and consistent HSSE performance on overseas projects with a very low frequency of personal injury and/or ill-health. As a result, JGC gained significant reputation in the industry over the past years. However, HSSE performance varies from project to project as it depends much on the HSSE management system and HSSE organization implemented at site.


To ensure excellent and consistent HSSE performance on all of its overseas projects, JGC has put significant efforts into the development of a standardized and comprehensive project HSSE management system, which is applicable to all overseas projects that are managed by JGC.


The JGC project HSSE management system is an integrated system comprising of occupational health and safety, security and environment. The integrated system follows the management principles of international standards and based on the “Plan – Do – Check – Act” (PDCA) principles.







JGC’s HSSE management system consists of key HSSE elements and its associated controls. All elements together form the comprehensive core management system. The elements specified cover all hazards and risks common to JGC’s business activities (Oil & Gas, Construction).





JGC’s HSSE management system consists of a core set of documents, which have been developed taking management system standard requirements and JGC HSSE requirements into account.




Below list shows the types of documents included:




  • HSSE Policies (HSE, Environment, Driving, Golden Rules)
  • HSSE Plans
  • HSSE Procedures
  • HSSE Reports, Charters
  • Forms, Checklists & Check Sheets
  • Databases and Registers
  • Charts and Illustrations




These documents comprehensively deal with hazards, risks, aspects and impacts and determine associated control measures.





The JGC HSSE management system is a comprehensive system, enabling the projects to identify hazards and risks, determine and implement risk control measures, und ultimately prevent workplace incidents (fatalities, personal injuries, ill-health, fires, spills etc.), or mitigate its consequence and impact. In order to be effective, it is vital to implement all HSSE management system elements and its associated activities and tools, but also to periodically review it to ensure it remains appropriate (suitable, effective and efficient) throughout the duration of the project.