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Environmental Responsibilities




Managing environmental aspects, and its impact relevant to JGC’s business operations and activities, is one of JGC’s top concerns, thus JGC conforms, and is certified to, the ISO14001 Environmental Management System standard. JGC is committed to achieving environmental excellence in both, JGC’s corporate operations and JGC’s EPC projects. Qualified and competent Environmental Coordinators or Environmental Protection Officers are employed at project level to ensure effective implementation and integration of the Environmental Management System.


As a responsible EPC Contractor, JGC’s plant design includes reducing adverse impact to the environment, minimizing the consumption of operating energy and natural resources, minimizing emission and pollution, and reducing waste production. JGC gives also preference to Vendors that adopt environmental friendly manufacturing processes. The above principles apply also during the construction phase of the plant and all JGC Contractors are required to comply with these principles.



ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate






Environmental Policy








Waste management is one of JGC’s key responsibilities, particularly during the construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning phase of a project. JGC’s waste management principles that are applied in JGC’s corporate operations as well as at project level are;




The project Environmental Coordinator ensures that all waste generated is stored, handled, transported and finally disposed in compliance with relevant local regulations and Client requirements. In addition, JGC Construction Department ensures that only licensed and approved waste contractors are utilized.


JGC pays special attention to hazardous wastes produced at site during all phases of the project, and until the hand-over of the plant to the Client has been completed.



Typical Hazardous Waste Management Process (Cradle to the Grave Concept)








Since 2008, as part of its corporate social responsibility, the JGC Group has enacted environmental improvements through the Zero Emissions Initiative, which details strategies for reducing the harmful by-products of JGC’s business activities to zero. In 2011, with new targets set for the mid and long term in consideration for the development of JGC’s environmental business, JGC has renewed the initiative covering the head office, the Research and Development Center, JGC construction sites in Japan and overseas, JGC Group companies in Japan and overseas, and domestic and international sales bases.