HSSE Activities & Programs

Incident and Injury Free Program


The Incident & Injury Free® (IIF®) Program was introduced on JGC’s overseas projects by JMJ Associates in the year 2008 in order to support JGC’s aim to build a strong relationship between management and workers on all of its projects, and with the aim to support the development of a positive safety culture not only at project level, but also corporate-wide.


The IIF Program does not work on its own; a solid and reliable HSSE management system such as the one JGC is implementing in all its projects, is required. The IIF Program is designed to complement the management system by focusing on the human factors, values and believes, and adaptive challenges.





The basic idea of IIF is that building a strong relationship amongst all employees is the foundation for accomplishment! The stronger the relationship is, the better the accomplishments. JGC applies this strategy in all of its overseas and domestic projects to drive a positive safety culture and continually improve health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) performance.


IIF Program Activities may include:


  • IIF Orientation Training for the workers;
  • Commitment workshops with senior and middle management;
  • Leadership Skills Training for Supervisors;
  • Management Walkthroughs;
  • Area Leadership Teams (Teambuilding Activities)





For JGC’s safety culture transformation, three (3) factors are critical to achieve the desired success:


  1. Commitment from senior management (Client, JGC, and Contractors);
  2. Demonstrating the commitment through actions, not just words (Walk the Talk);
  3. Openness and partnership among all levels and all project organizations.



Achievements through IIF Program:




  • Building strong relationship and communication;
  • Creating culture of mutual respect and care;
  • Changing people’s mind-set from “having to do” to “choosing to do;”
  • Accepting personal responsibility (all levels).








“IIF is not a goal, it is a Journey!”