HSSE Activities & Programs

JGC Safety Day




JGC Corporation initiated the Safety Day corporate-wide, including all subsidiaries and overseas projects, after a tragic traffic accident occurred in 2011 in Abu Dhabi, where five (5) people lost their lives. The initiative aims to dedicate a day to reflect on safety as a core value in all of JGC’s everyday business operations and activities, and to remind everybody of the tragic road accident. The safety day is held every year sometime around June and July.  The JGC safety day includes various safety related activities, such as safety demonstrations, role plays, safety moment sharing, safety forum, safety committee, safety workshops, etc. and which are held in all of JGC’s operations, including the following:


  • JGC Corporation Yokohama Head Office 
  • JGC Subsidiary Overseas Offices (JGC Philippines, JGC Indonesia, JGC Gulf, JGC Oceania, JGC Americas, JGC Malaysia, JGC Vietnam)
  • JGC Domestic and Overseas Projects





At this level of the organization, JGC carries out two (2) major activities; the “Safety Forum” and the “HSSE Conference.” Both the forum and the conference are chaired by the HSSE Committee with members of JGC’s most senior management, including the President and Representative Director. During the Safety Forum, management representatives from all JGC subsidiaries are presenting the safety day activities that were carried out within their area of responsibility.  During the HSSE Conference, which is held right after the forum, HSSE issues are being discussed company-wide to raise everybody’s safety awareness. Safety awards are being also issued to those subsidiaries with remarkable performance, and/or safety milestones.











JGC’s project safety days are formally opened by opening remarks of JGC and Client top management representatives. The opening remarks include the background and purpose of the JGC safety day. For this special day, the projects have planned, and carry out, various safety related activities, including but not limited to, poster design competition, safety workshops, safety displays and booths, role plays, excursion with family, demonstrations (e.g. seat belt convincer, vehicle roll-over simulator, rope rescue, firefighting, etc.), safety video presentations, just to name a few.