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JGC and its Joint Venture (JV) partners have a well-established Incident & Injury-Free™ (IIF™) leadership enhancement program which is strongly supported by the project leadership team in. This leadership program focuses on the skills enhancement of the line management, wherein the pre-task meeting, also called “Safety Task Analysis and Risk Reduction Talk” (STARRT), leaders and coaches are being trained to improve their skills on their delivery of STARRT and Tool Box Meetings (TBM).


The leadership team also leads the weekly TBM and management walkthrough at site. The walkthrough includes management representatives of Client, JV, and Subcontractors. The walkthrough gives the management an opportunity to visit site and positively engage with the workforce. The JV leadership team conducts weekly “Listening Tours” to communicate with the workforce and listen to any concerns or feedback. This allows management to talk about matters relating to health, welfare, safety, work conditions and family matters. The project IIF™ leadership teams are continually promoting mutual appreciation and respect among management and workers, which is vital for attaining a robust safety culture on the project.


Various campaigns conducted throughout the project duration focus on appreciation of positive work attitude, safety mindset and progress and the management awards workers with prizes and gifts as an incentive for safe work. The campaigns include also management visits to workers camp accommodation and welfare facilities, which is another opportunity for management to gain workers trust and ensure a quality camp life is being maintained.