Project topics




The Project Safety Day, which is led by JGC Senior Management, involves all project personnel, including all Subcontractor personnel. The event starts with a mass Toolbox Talk in the morning where the highlights of the Safety Day are communicated to all in the key languages spoken by the workforce at site.






Both, the project management team as well as personnel of all project organizations, are fully engaged in the Safety Day activities, which allow all personnel to have a relaxed working day and talk about various safety topics and/or concerns relevant to the workplace.  The Joint Venture project team also joins the workforce during lunch and dinner, for the purpose of building a good relationship. In every Safety Day celebration at the Project, JGC highlights the importance of driving safely at all times, which makes JGC the leader in driver compliance and driver safety.    






Numerous Project personnel participate in the very popular “Poster Design” competition. Any theme relevant to health, safety, or environment, can be submitted by the poster designers. The most common topics submitted in the past Safety Day were heat stress, night shift hazards, interface between people and vehicles/equipment, and Working at Height.


These posters are being prominently displayed at site and a voting process determined the winners of the competition. All winners receive a voucher that can be replaced with a gift.