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Training the Trainers – Supervisory Skills Knowledge Workshop


In our pursuit to build a strong working culture, and, to ensure that our Field Supervisors are equipped with appropriate skills set, a total of 12 session leaders were selected to undergo JMJ’s ‘train the trainer’ workshop on ‘Supervisory Skills Knowledge (SSK)’. The leaders represent both JGC and its Subcontractors. Although the leaders belong to different organizations, they are held together by several common bonds, emboldened in the Project’s Vision.


The Workshop was conducted from20th September 2018 till 24th September 2018. It was intensive, but, all the leaders who went through the Workshop persevered and were certified as ‘trainers’ who are capable of delivering the SSK training.


Each SSK Workshop takes about 6 hours and it aims to build three key competencies in all Field Supervisors, which are basically essential elements in effective Supervision. The 3 key competencies could be summarized as follows;


  1. Assigning Incident and Injury Free Work
  2. Recognizing and thanking safe behaviors
  3. Positively correcting unsafe works


Field Supervisors who undergo the 6 Hours SSK workshop are then required to demonstrate these competencies on site. As a result, this will greatly enhance not only field HSE performance but will also increase productivity and quality.


We, in the HMD UN Project believe, we have 12 amazing and passionate session leaders who will act as a catalyst in elevating the competencies of all our Field Supervisors. They are vital to the Project’s overall success and have the full and unwavering support of the Senior IIF Leadership Team of the Project.