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Health Programs




JGC maintains maintains the commitment to promote and sustain a high standard of health and safety throughout the life of the project. In order to achieve this standard, Management strives to provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment for the work force, to protect the general public, to protect the assets of the project, and to promote onsite work efficiency. To help achieve these goals, JGC develops a project Health Management Plan that defines the requirements for the project’s health management program and will be used by JGC as a basis for understanding project health threats, developing, implementing, and maintaining health management related facilities, equipment materials, consumables, manuals, procedures and resources.



DSLNG Project Health Programs


The DS LNG Project complies with the Health Management Plan and the HSSE Plans and Procedures giving high importance to workers' Safety and Health.  To ensure its compliance, the Health Section carried out several programs aside from their regular activities of monitoring the health of all workers.  The programs includes, but is not limited to, the following:


    • Conducting the first wave of Certified First Aid Training attended by 60 participants including JGC and Subcontractors.  This training was facilitated by International SOS (JGC Business Partner) for one (1) whole day course.
    • First Aid Awareness Campaign aimed at all Workers at the site
    • Medical Emergency Drills carried out for inter-department and CME and Internal Drill program
    • Training in the use of the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
Medical Nurses and First Aiders of the DS LNG Project participated in several training sessions carried out on site to continuously hone their knowledge on how to deal any medical related emergencies. Training is carried out on the use AED’s.  DS LNG purchased Six (6) AED and provided 2 in the Clinic, 2 in the JGC Office and 2 in the Client's Office