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Health Campaign





JGC maintains its commitment to promote and sustain a high standard of Health & Safety  throughout the life of the project.  In order to achieve this standard, JGC shall strive to provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment for the work force, to protect the general public and likewise promote onsite work efficiency. The wellbeing of the JGC and Sub-Contractor work force is critical to the success of the Project and, as such, JGC has the responsibility for the care and custody of its employees and work force at all times. To prevent unrest and give 100% commitment to ensuring the work force is properly cared for during off duty hours through active participation in implementing and sustaining the camp standards set forth in this procedure several health awareness campaigns have been developed on each project depending on their needs and environment.  The DS LNG project for instance, carried out the Malaria Awareness Campaign for weeks.






The DS LNG Project Management is committed to protecting their workers as the main asset of their organization and they are responsible of protecting the health for every single individual using JGC Concepts on Health Education, Health Protection and Ill-Health Prevention.  In ensuring the protection of workers from the Malaria epedimic, DS LNG HSSE Management carried out the following activities aligned to the International Standard Vector Control Program:



  • Larvae Surveillance
  • Larviciding
  • Night Collection
  • Mapping and Vector Monitoring
  • Indoors Residual Spray
  • Thermal Fogging



  Malaria Carrier Thermal Fogging Carried out all over the DSLNG Site




The DS LNG Project regulary carried out the Malaria Awareness Campaign as part of the their Health Education & Promotion making sure that all workers are reminded of their responsibility towards their health and likewise on how to take actions to prevent Malaria. The awareness campaigns also describes how Malaria is transmitted from one person to another, its symptoms and how to protect  themselves from Malaria.




With the ongoing programs and the commitment of everyone to the Malaria Awareness program, workers believe that DS LNG is a safe and healthy place to work.