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DSLNG Launched Step Back 5x5





JGC strongly empowers individual workers to make their individual last minute risk assessment towards their work area of responsibility.  A procedure that describes the effectiveness of the Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA) program was developed and the awareness, orientation in relation to this LMRA program has been implemented to ensure everyone is informed on how to carry out the LMRA.


The Step Back 5x5 is one of the tools in carrying out the LMRA and this promotes workers' safety awareness and further assists in eliminating accidents, injuries, illnesses and unsafe conditions at site. Step Back 5x5 empowers the worker to do an individual inspection and findout the potential hazards and risks present in their work which they can share with others and do a Job Safety Analysis (JSA).




DS LNG Launched the Step Back 5x5



On 22 July 2013, a Step Back 5x5 Campaign was launched in the DSLNG Project held at the MDI Area.  Workers were briefly trained how to carry out effectively the Step Back 5x5. After the orientation, participants were encourage to share their feedback and they were very enthusiastic in answering the questions.  A token for those who actively participated the campaigns was given. 


  Workers were asked to identify hazards  5x5 message was given in Bahasa by Husaen and Samuel 
 Workers pointed out and mentioned various hazards  3 workers who participated were given phone cards