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10 Million Manhours Without LTI




JGC recognizes project achievement that shows commitment toward achieving the "Zero Incidents" target at all times.  Projects which have continuously achieved a zero LTI showed that a good "Safety Culture" is in place.  Incident and Injury Free (IIF) programs are one of the leading factors in achieving this goal which JGC is promoting worldwide.



10 Million Manhours w/o LTI Achieved

DSLNG Project 



The DSLNG Project achieved 10 Million Manhours without LTI on 11 September 2012.  The President and Director of PT DSLNG Djoko Wibowo together with the Commissioner of PT Pertamina and Sugiharto handed over the plaque of recognition to JGC as the main contractor of the DSLNG Project for this achievement.


The DSLNG achievement is a result of good teamwork from all sectors working in the Projects and represents evidence of understanding the workers role in ensuring “Best Safety Practices on site”.  To continuously maintain the good working environment, different Safety training modules were developed and implemented including for critical works. The IIF (Incident and Injury Free) program was implemented and has significantly reduced the number of work related accidents.


Tepat pada tanggal 11 September 2012 yang lalu, proyek konstruksi LNG Donggi Senoro, berhasil mencapai 10,000,000 jam kerja tanpa kehilangan waktu kerja akibat kecelakaan kerja (Lost Time Incident / LTI). Perhitungan jam kerja merupakan akumulasi jam kerja dari awal proyek yang dihitung dari seluruh pekerja di perusahaan yang terlibat dalam konstruksi kilang LNG ini.

Direktur Utama PT DSLNG Djoko Wibowo, bersama Komisaris Utama PT Pertamina (persero) Sugiharto, dalam kunjungannya ke lokasi proyek tanggal 29 September lalu, menyerahkan plakat penghargaan atas tercapainya 10 juta jam kerja tanpa LTI, kepada JGC selaku kontraktor utama proyek ini. Dalam acara itu, Djoko Wibowo mengungkapkan penghargaanya kepada JGC dan seluruh subkontraktor atas partisipasinya menjaga keselamatan seluruh pekerja proyek LNG Donggi Senoro.