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Safety Day 2013


DS LNG Project



Every Year, JGC Management in Yokohama announces the celebration of JGC Safety Day Worldwide.  The JGC Safety Day aims to promote the wellbeing and friendship among fellow workers leading to continuously create a strong Health, Safety and Environment Culture that will help workers to understand their responsibility towards their safety and the safety of others.  JGC Top Management mandates all JGC Projects to participate in celebrating the safety day starting from encouraging workers to submit entries and participate in the safety slogan contest.  Each of the Projects submit their three winning entries from which the JGC HSE Committee will select the best Safety Slogan that will be used for a year in the JGC's Constrution projects worldwide.






This year's celebration of the JGC Safety Day leads DS LNG workers to understand better the strong commitment of Management in relation to their Health, Safety and to our Environment.  The DS LNG Project developed different activities wherein they integrated the concept of Incident and Injury Free (IIF) which builds good relationships with fellow workers.



The JGC Safety Day at DS LNG this year was held in conjunction with their celebration of the 20,000,000 Manhours without Lost Time Incident (LTI) and this was particpated in by the Client and subcontractors.  The program included a range of activities, from the reading of a message from the JGC Managing Director during the Tool Box Meeting, followed by several activities promoting the IIF, JGC Seven (7) Golden Rules for Safe Driving, the Importance of the STARRT, Step Back 5x5 and other initiatives and concluded with group presentations.