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Environmental Regulatory compliance





For JGC, compliance with regulatory and other requirements from local governments where projects are being carried out is one of their main objectives. The key points in addressing regulatory compliance is securing Government Permits and submitting necessary documentation as prescribed prior to the start of operations.  JGC adheres to the requirements to implement waste management programs aligned to ISO 14001, its Environmental Management Plan and compliance with local government regulations.





The DSLNG Project welcomed the visitors from Badan Pengendalian Lingkungan Hidup (BPLH), the Environmental Agency in Indonesia who have inspected the Project Site Temporary Waste Storage Facilities prior to issuing the Permit to Operate. After the Inspection, the Government issued a Permit Letter signed by the Head of the Regency of Banggai allowing DS LNG to operate the Temporary Waste Storage Facility for five years.  The DS LNG is in compliance with the Decree of  the Head of  Indonesian Environmental Agency for storing the Hazardous Waste for 90 days. Likewise all Hazwastes are transported and disposed of to the legally acceptable services providers.



On the 18th of September 2013, a team from the Badan Pengendalian Linkungan Hidup (BPLH) Kab.Banggai, Mr.Herman, SH.MH (Head Of Monitoring Field) and Drs.Abdullah Abubakar (Head Of Field Amdal ) with some other staff visited the DSLNG Project to carry out the verification of the temporary waste storage area as one of the criteria prior to the issuance of a permit to operate for the temporary storage area. The BPLH Team was assisted by Mr Hananto Basuki, JGC-Government Affairs Manager; Mr Jonas Nussy,  from JGC HSES Environmental Section and Mr. Muhammad Syamsudin, HSE Team Leader from PT DSLNG.



Local Translation:


Pada tanggal 18 September yang lalu, tim dari Badan Pengendalian Lingkungan Hidup (BPLH) Kab. Banggai, yang terdiri dari Herman, SH.MH (Kepala Bidang Pemantauan) dan Drs. Abdullah Abubakar (Kepala Bidang Amdal) beserta staff mengunjungi proyek DSLNG untuk melakukan verifikasi tempat penyimpanan limbah B3 sementara (TPS), sebagai salah satu syarat untuk dikeluarkannya izin tempat penyimpanan sementara.

Tim BPLH yang melakukan verifikasi juga didampingi oleh Hananto Basuki se­bagai JGC-Government Affairs Manager Project DSLNG , Jonas Nussy dari JGC HSES Environmental Section dan juga HSE Team Leader dari PT DSLNG, Muham­mad Syamsudin.