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Environmental Milestone




DS LNG Celebrations for the World Environmental Day were recognized by the United Nations Environmental Programmes (UNEP) bringing a clear message that everyone working in DS LNG starting from the Client, JGC and its subcontractors are committed to protect the environment from the start of the project to its completion. 


The Wold Environment Day 2013 dubbed as "Think, Eat and Save" was commemorated by the DS LNG Project with a holistic theme, "The Determinants of Environmental Changes" as they put into real actions the protection of the environment.



The celebration has several activities that include the awarding for the selected Environmental Heroes from each subcontractor and the campaign & socialization on waste segregation & 3R's (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) of waste.



DSLNG Project recognized by the United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP).


Environmental Hero received an award and recognition

for "walking the talk" to protect the environment.

 The write-up posted in UNEP website



Their celebration of the World Environmental Day 2013 was posted in UNEP Website accessible to the World. 


This shows that DS LNG Project and JGC together with its Subcontractors are environmentally responsible companies.


The World Environment Day 2013 celebrated at DS LNG Project.  The one day activity brings all workers a clear understanding of the importance of their contribution to protect the Earth.