Project topics

Cultural Awareness Program





JGC gives high importance and respect to the culture and beliefs of the host country where it operates.  In maintaining respect, JGC develop programs on how to promote and sustain the good culture and values that have been praticed by the local community.  All JGC expatriates are encouraged to learn the basic culture and beliefs to maintain good relationships with fellow workers.



Basic Training on Cultural Awarenss


DS LNG Projects understand the importance of the "Culture and Beliefs" of their workers from different countries.  In order to obtain and develop the good respect of individuals beliefs, a training on Basic Cultural Awareness was developed and implemented at site.  Awareness materials were also posted strategically that aim to remind everyone of their good culture and help others to understand.





The training started from the history of the host country, with emphasis on the importance of the following topics:


  • Greetings to Women and Men
  • Facial Expressions
  • Touching women
  • Eye contact
  • Gestures