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Project Health Compliance




JGC is committed to comply with all the regulatory, statutory and other requirements in relation to Health, Safety and the Environment and will pursue the goal of 'NO HARM TO PEOPLE" and promote health awareness, apply health risk assessment and ensure a health hazard free and clean environment.  JGC will continue to monitor health compliance and the effectiveness of the risk control measures following the occupational health programs.




 Drinking and Potable Water


Health Awareness Programs are developed in different forms and promoted through the following:


1.   Worker’s HSE Moment

2.   Demonstrations

3.   Displays

4.   Posters

5.   Flags

6.   Paintings

7.   Slogans/Banners

8.   Others



The IGD HABSHAN 5 Project will provide clean, fresh potable water in a properly designed & constructed closed system at the construction site in compliance with local requirements on food safety and welfare.



If a Municipal Water Supply is not available, transported water shall be obtained from an approved source, delivered in a properly designed and dedicated water tanker, used for no other purpose.


A chlorine residual range of 0.2 to 0.5 ppm is the desirable Guideline for the potable water distribution system to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and to provide an indication of the absence of post treatment contamination. 


Water tanks and individual drinking cups are protected from direct sunlight and dust. Provisions for single use cups are provided in a sanitary dispenser or, alternatively, personal flask/water bottles are distributed to every worker (and periodically replaced).


Cups are replenished as needed during the day and trashcans are provided for their disposal. "Community" or common use glasses cups and glass bottles are not used within the site. Drinking areas are regularly cleaned and policed for housekeeping.