Project topics

Health Management Program





JGC is committed to promote and sustain a high standard of health and safety of workers throughout the life of the project.  JGC believes that this will be achieved through the effective implementation of its Project Medical Management Plan. This plan will define and describe the requirements for the project’s health management program and will be aligned to the requirements of JGC, the Client, and Partners complying with regulatory and statutory requirements and will help obtain the objective and target of a "Zero Incidents".  This plan will be closely monitored, evaluated and implemented by JGC Subcontractors.  In the IGD HABSHAN 5 Project, JGC, in partnership with their partner company, is implementing the Health Management Program that aims to protect the health and safety of workers throughout the IGD HABSHAN 5 Project.   




Project Medical Management



The IGD HABSHAN 5 Project Management Team continuously monitors the effectiveness of their Project Medical Program and performs continual improvement aligned to the Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Plan and acts to comply with local & international laws and requirements in terms of Workers Health and Safety and also the requirements of the Client.


Programs and activities to promote the Workers health were developed and are evaluated regularly.



Medical and Emergency Services


The Medical & Emergency Services are provided for any injuries and illnesses (work related or not) that can occur in the workplace. Everyone is given prompt and appropriate attention in order to save his/her life and to prevent minor conditions becoming major ones. JGC and its subcontractors are committed and responsible for the medical welfare of their own personnel and ready to provide first-aid, periodical medical examinations, arrangements for professional medical treatment and hospitalization.



Emergency Medical Equipment


The IGD Project provides a sufficient amount of medical equipment proportionate to the kind of hazards & risks in the workplace. Emergency medical equipment includes but is not limited to emergency wash stations, stretchers, blankets, respirators, and other supplies to treat anticipated hazards and/ or emergency medical situations.


Lifesaving kits suitable for electrical shock injuries and first aid boxes are provided in all electrical substations and other manned buildings. Stretchers are also provided in strategic locations within manned buildings. Emergency equipment is strategically located and inspected periodically.



Emergency Medical Plan


The IGD Project provides the emergency medical services as part of the Emergency Medical Plan (EMP) aligned to the HSSE Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan that includes an evaluation of the distance to and reliability of local public and private hospitals. The EMP also provides a sufficient number of competent First Aiders deployed in strategic work premises in relation with the category of risk. First Aiders are nominated based on their competence and the result of their training. The EMP is adequately communicated to all personnel in the work location. Emergency numbers to call are conspicuously posted in different areas.


First Aid


First Aid at work covers the management of first aid in the workplace – it does not include treating ill or injured people at work with medicines but it will focus on initial First Aid, stabilization of medical and surgical emergences before referral to the more suitable local hospital. First Aid is carried out only by authorized, recognized and competent first aiders who control the first aid boxes with the adequate content of first aid medicines and materials as described in the HSSE Plans. Workers requiring hospital care or treatment of chronic illnesses will be referred to local medical facilities as per the EMP.