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Fitness for Duty Program





JGC is committed to maintain the good health of its workforce and to realize this commitment, JGC encourages all JGC's Projects worldwide to implement the Fitness for Duty Program that aims to assist those with functional limitations such that they are accommodated in the workplace whilst not compromising the health and safety of JGC or Subcontractor personnel.


The program specifies the minimum requirements for medical evaluations of Fitness for Duty and describes the medical evaluation processes, which in specific circumstances support the safe execution of a task in the workplace. Medical evaluation is only part of a comprehensive Fitness for Duty process.






The IGD HABSHAN 5 Project effectively implements the Fitness For Duty Program leading to maintaining the good health of all workers at site.  The Project Management Team recognizes improvement in the number of First Aid Cases attributable to the workers health condition and the nature of their work. Awareness activities were organized in conjunction with the implementation of the program during the "Health Awareness Month".


 The total number of First Aid cases that contributed due to workers poor health condition versus the works he performs  Results of the FAC contributed by the effective implementation of the Fitness for Duty Program and the strong IIF Activity



IGD HABSHAN Project proactive measures in addressing the potential health hazards were identified in the Fitness for Duty Program:


  • Risk assessment and safe systems ofwork.
  • Illness absence management procedures.
  • Supervisory surveillance of the workforce; referral of concerns.
  • Personal accountability for safe working and self-referral of concerns.
  • With cause investigation of incidents.
  • Substance abuse policies and controls.
  • Trade testing of safe execution of task.