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IGD IIF Patrol





JGC's Objectives in formulating the IIF Patrol is to further evaluate the performance of IIF in each project and likewise to help improve its sustainability by promoting "Health and Safety at the Workplace".


The IGD HABSHAN 5 Project carried out the IIF patrols with the following findings:



The Workers are "Happy to Work" at IGD HABSHAN 5 Project!


The IIF Patrol team interacted with 3 groups of 12-15 workers each on the captioned IIF Patrol at the C100 east side area. Workers are really happy with the fact of IIF-Culture at this project. Management presence in the safety talks/IIF patrols is generating a feeling that there are lot of people taking care of them and their needs. Listed below are some findings during the patrol. 









What was made different?  


 Top management involvement & direct interaction with them has created a high level of social satisfaction.


  • Competitions & incentives schemes have given strong safety message.
  • Their communication skills have developed greatly and they don't hesitate to talk / complain / suggest
  • (One guy highlighted that he notified several JGC / GASCO staff about harness color coding; everybody accepted the inspection  respectfully. Nobody become angry)
  • The Worker - Supervisor relation turns from  fear to, respect & love.
  • Grand tool box talk demonstration.
  • Overall satisfaction level is high being IIF Family Member at the Habshan 5 project, & they thanked JGC for making Habshan 5 a better place to work.


They are happy with overall work site conditions  compared to previous year 2012 or other projects before.