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Effective TBT and STARRT





JGC gives importance of starting the job with the right perspective and to ensure this, all JGC Projects implement several programs that include Last Minutes Risk Assessment; the Tool Box Talks (TBT) also known as Tool Box Meetings and Total Safety Task Instruction also known as Safety Task Analysis Risk Reduction Talk (STARRT).  


These activities are very essential as they will help ensure that the identified hazards and control measures are effectively communicated to the work crew before starting a job. Job start meetings are conducted by the performing party before starting any permitted task at the site. JGC and its Subcontractors’ first line supervisors, i.e. charge hands and foremen will facilitate fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minute pre-shift meetings daily. These meetings are required to be documented as to date, time, presenter, attendees and subject matter discussed.


Tool Box Talk meetings will take place at the beginning of each shift and these informal sessions do not need to be documented. The contents of both the formal and informal Tool Box Meetings include:


  • Overview of the intended work, work site and task-specific hazards
  • Engagement of workers in hazard elimination / mitigation controls
  • Contigency plans




Effective TBT and STARRT



The IGD HABSHAN 5 Project is effectively carrying out the Tool Box Talks and Safety Task Analysis Risk Reduction Talk aligned to JGC's and the Client's requirements prior to starting the work.  This effective implementation of these programs helps ensure that all work activities are safe for the whole workforce.  The Project sites carried out their daily morning exercises prior to the conducts of the Tool Box Talks and STARRT. 


  Daily exercises are carried out before starting the work.  The normal Tool Box Talk carried out by a Supervisor.  STARRT is carried out on the specific work location by the Construction Supervisor.



IGD HABSHAN 5 PROJECT released to all Subcontractors at the Project site the Guide showing the five (5) STEPS to an Effective STARRT (Safety Task Analysis Risk Reduction Talk) to ensure its effective implementation.