Project topics

HSE Plans and Requirements





The IGD HABSHAN 5 Project is strongly implementing the Safety Plans & Procedures aligned to the companies' requirements following the OHSAS 18000 & ISO 14001 Standards and guided by the International Labor Organization (ILO) principles.  The ultimate objective of the plan is an injury and incident free workplace, and the focus on Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) is never compromised to achieve any other business objectives. 



To achieve this, the IGD HABSHAN 5 Project requires that the WORK be executed under the effective and systematic approach.







Safety activities, studies and requirements for the promotion, development and implementation of the Project HSE Management System throughout all stages of the Project.


  • JV management will strictly enforce its Corporate Safety Policy of “No Lost Time Accidents”, and everybody in the JV shall feel those targets as their own responsibility.


  • The health and safety of personnel and the preservation and protection of the environment are JV priorities.


  • All employees, including those of vendors and subcontractors, are responsible for their own and their colleagues' HSE at work.


  • Everybody in our JV Project must plan and perform work in accordance with the HSE Management System.


  • JV adheres to the regulatory and statutory requirements and the requirements of the Client.

STOP Work Policy


All JV employees, contractors, and authorized visitors are responsible for stopping work activities considered to be an imminent danger on all activities conducted at the Habshan 5 Project.



Habshan 5 Safety Campaign


A Program which will be held in the first week of every month; JGC and Tecnimont will update during the Monthly period.



(ATR) Action Tracking Register 2010-2012


Monitoring/following up of HSE observations, audits, meetings, etc. and to Close Out Open Status. This will serve as the basis for the company to know the progress of certain issues.



(KPI) Key Performance Indicator 2010- 2012


In order to implement the HSE Policy and the objectives to be achieved, they have to be documented and assessed on a continual basis.