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100 Million MH





On 9th July 2013, another worldwide milestone has been achieved by IGD HABSHAN 5 Process Plant Project by accumulating 

"100 Million Safe Man Hours without LTI"

(Lost Time Incident).






A workforce of 30,000 from 35 different nation and companies working together as 'One Team, One Family' caring and looking out for each other in the pursuit of achieving one project goal;



 "The On Time Gas Delivery for Abu Dhabi, with Safety, Quality and Proficiency"



The PMT (Project Management Team) thanked each and every person who has worked directly or indirectly on and for this Project to make this worldwide success. PMT in their commitment will continue to support every action to safeguard the lives and integrity of each worker at HABSHAN 5 until the successful completion of all project phases.



Stakeholder top management conveyed a congratulatory message to the JGC-Tecnimont JV (Joint Venture) and to all subcontractors involved on the project on this tremendous achievement.



The Outstanding Performance of the IIF (Incident and Injury-Free) Program contributed to this amazing achievement. The quality of pre-start meetings as part of the IIF Program provided an extensive coaching to subcontractors' supervisory staff every morning by JGC staff.



Needless to say, JGC-Tecnimont JV worked together with JMJ Associates on Habshan 5, and will continue the same Project IIF journey for all of JGC's large scale projects.