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Accident Buster Team







The IIF Program at IGD 5 Habshan Project is continuously creating milestones as workers from Subcontractors shared ideas how they will provide an area free from potential accidents.  One of the programs they believe will create a safer place to work is dubbed as ACCIDENT BUSTER TEAM that aims to promote the importance of a Good Working Environment through Good Housekeeping at the workplace.  




The driving factors of the ACCIDENT BUSTER TEAM is to achieve a clean, safe and healthy work environment leading to the prevention of incidents at work.  The Team also empowers everybody by involving them in maintaining their respective working areas clean and safe through the following initiatives:


  • Designated Areas for scrap timber, form work materials were provided with corresponding barricades.
  • Waste bins with labels were provided wherein workers can put their wastes depending on categories.
  • Barricades and Signs are maintained and visible to all access routes.
  • Tools are placed in respective tool boxes and not left around the worksites.
  • Scaffolds, working platforms or walk ways are maintain with 'zero' loose materials that may cause distraction in the areas.
  • Elevated structures have signs and barriers to eliminate the potential risk.
  • Proper cable management is observed along the walkways/stairways 
  • Chemicals are stored in proper storage areas with labels and the required secondary containment bund.


The uniqueness of the ACCIDENT BUSTER Program was recognized by the IGD 5 Habshan Project Site Management and encourage other subcontractors to apply the concept and promote it at other JGC Overseas projects.