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Dust Suppression Program






JGC implements a dust control/suppression Program in compliance with the Environmental Management Plan and with Project requirements. Every reasonable effort will be made to assist those with functional limitations, such that they are accommodated in the workplace whilst not compromising the health and safety of JGC, Company or Subcontractor personnel. Additional protective measures have been developed and implemented by JGC to help mitigate future hazards that develop as site conditions change.  In the IGD HABSHAN 5 Project, JGC is implementing the following program:



Dust Suppressants Program


In IGD HABSHAN 5 Project, JGC and its Subcontractors are responsible for fugitive dust control within the jobsite boundaries and control areas starting from initial site preparation to construction phases.  The Dust Suppressants program was implemented under the prolonged dry and windy weather conditions to minimize the discharge of visible fugitive dust beyond the property line that will interfere with land use or violate air quality standards that includes but is not limited to following examples:



- Improvement in stockpile management and in work practices related to loading and load-out operations such as:

  • Reduction in the amount of material being handled and minimizing the frequency of stockpile surface disturbance.


  • Reductions in material drop height when loading out to the stockpile.


  • Covering stockpiles when practical with tarpaulin and securing the cover.


  • Fugitive dust control for material handling operations and stockpiles will be covered through; reduced handling, reduced time of stockpiling when possible, and dust suppressants (e.g., water) under prolonged dry and windy weather conditions.    



  • All vehicles (trucks, lorries) leaving the project site will be inspected to ensure that they have adequate means of covering loads. Torn and badly worn or ill-fitting covers will be rejected.


  • Trucks shall not be overloaded while carrying earth, sand, gravel, stone or other aggregates and will be completely and adequately covered at all times while moving.


  • Bulk storage of waste earth will be limited as far as is practicable and care will be taken during handling to reduce dust generation.


  • Drop height between excavators and transporters will be minimized and double handling of earth in storage areas will be eliminated where possible.


  • Subcontractors have a weekly program for the wetting activity on site and the transportation of earth, sand, gravel, etc.


The IGD HABSHAN 5 Project HSE Department  is closely monitoring the implementation of dust control measures on site.