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Visitors from PNG LNG Project Team





JGC together with the members of the LNG Plant Project Team evaluated the implementation of the Incident Injury Free (IIF) Program to further help improve its performance and obtain a Healthy, Safe and Sustained Environment goals towards a "Zero Incidents" and "Zero Emission" from the onset of the project to its completion. The one day visits and interviews to workers at Project Sites geared of bringing avenue of interacting to build good relationship with workers.




 Visitors of IGD Habshan 5 Project Site   



Early this year, January 2013, the IGD HABSHAN 5 Project welcomed the Project Team of CJJV PNG LNG Project including the representative from Esso Highlands Limited Company who visited Project Site in Abu Dhabi.


The informative visit aims to provide with the unique opportunity to see how IGD HABSHAN 5 Project truly grasped the IIF (Incident Injury Free) concept and it’s experienced benefits. The team is very confident that the valuable information learned during their visit will contribute towards PNG LNG Project’s in achieving the goal of an incident and injury free workplace.



The visitors extended appreciation for the warm welcome extended by IGD HABSHAN 5 Proejct Team and looking forward for another same visit in the next couple of months. Additionally Esso Highlands Limited Company Project Team invited the members of IGD HABSHAN 5 Project Management Team to pay visit their LNG Plant Project in Papua New Guinea.



The visitors likewise congratulated IGD HABSHAN 5 Project Management Team for the outstanding performance achieved so far and extended best wishes on the commissioning and turnover activities.