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Leading by Example





A Program from JMJ Associates



The IIF known as Incident and Injury-Free is a product of JMJ Associates, a Third Party Service Provider of JGC partnering to develop a better safety culture in the majority of JGC's projects worldwide. The IIF Program aims to eliminate all workplaces injury using an approach designed to work in tandem with the existing safety practices and programs of JGC. The IIF  is geard by leveraging transformational consultig, training and coaching approaches at site leading to develop individual, cultural & organization capacity to create  and maintain  a safe, healthy and sustained working environment.  The IIF is also bring workers understanding of their responsibility and putting this into actions towards their fellow workers through the expanded concept of "better relationship" a behavioural techniques of motivating workers at site.



The IIF implementation started from the application of safety in all leadership approaches that shows the strong management commitment to workers safety. The IIF also give emphasis on the quality and progress by nurturing workers responsibilities towards their assigned tasks.


The building of good working relationship and responsibility amongst fellow workers led to develop a much caring attitudes towards the safety of others that attributed to a better safety culture geard towards Project Objectives of a "ZERO INCIDENTS" until its completion.


The IIF® Structure & Elements:



(1) Senior/ middle Management:

This element starts from interviews and diagnostic; alignment Workshops; Safety Commitment Workshops; Defining Success Workshop; Leadership Development; Set up Safety Leadership Team  & Coaching Support


(2) Supervision and Team Leaders

This element starts from Supervisor Skills Workshops; Skills Leaders’ Program; IIF Orientation Sessions;IIF Orientation Leaders’ Program; IIF Orientation Leaders' Program; IIF in Action; IIF Unit Leader structure; IIF Champions Program Coaching Support & Pulse Surveys


(3) Workforce

This element includes workers area of responsibilities starting from workers IIF Orientations; IIF Champions Programme & the Coaching Support to fellow workers.

The IIF approach has proven modules and training that work across all levels of the organisation  and are underpinned by regular Engagement Management and Reviews making our worker set and "Lead by Example".


Leading by Example

"Walk the Talk Principle"



The Project Site Management of IGD 5 Habshan Project played critical role in norturing their workers on the concept of Incident Injury Free (IIF) Program through "walk the talk principles". The Project Site Management strongly believe that the goals of IIF Activities is achievable if the level of HSSE culture is high with good communication channels from workers to management by showing that management in all level are visible round the clock at the project site.


The Project Site Management closely participated to the following activities:


a) Leadership Meeting / Induction and Skill Training - Members of Management committee actively participated the discussion and sharing ideas during the IIF Orientation and Supervisors Skills training leading to have good interaction to workers and supervisors.    



b) Tool Box Talk (TBT), Total Safety Task Instruction (TSTI) or Safety Task Analysis Risk Reduction Talk (STARRT) - Management Team joined these activities every morning in all areas including shop and laydown facilities to ensure that every group are guided and practice good interaction methods amongst workers.




c) Communication / Interaction with workers  - Management continuously developing techniques to motivate workers through good communication and interaction with workers during the daily walk down activities after TBT/TSTI starting from greeting, shaking hands, observing the activities and listening to issues raised by workers and help wherever appropriate.  Management believes that spending time during the peak period will help develop good rapport to workers and made them realized the management commitment towards workers safety.




d) Joining Lunches or Dinner in Workers Site Mess Hall - The move of Management in joining lunches or dinner with their workers at site mess hall or camp shows positive factors in developing relationship amongst workers.




e) Other Programs - In the pursuit of continuous improvement to promote Good Safety Culture in the project through the IIF activities, Management developed following programs:


  • Implement structures approach on IIF (IIF unit leaders, daily coverage on TBT/TSTI by JGC staff with rotation program, weekly IIF Unit leader walkdown, weekly IIF Unit leader meeting, etc.)
  • Reward / Recognition program
  • Personal involvement in the investigation of incidents resulting recordable cases
  • Meeting workers who got injuries (above recordable cases, visit hospital for LTI)
  • Perform the house keeping initiative (pick-up rubbish at the daily walkdown, whenever find - this will change the culture of site)