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Alcohol & Drug Monitoring Program





The Barzan Onshore Project effectively implements its "Alcohol & Drug Monitoring Program" that aims to ensure compliance with the ALCOHOL and DRUG Policy that states:



  • The use, possession, distribution, purchase or sale of any illegal drugs or other controlled substances by any person while on Project premises or areas of Project operations, engaged in on Project business or operating Project equipment is prohibited.
  • The use of any illegal drug or other controlled substances or alcohol that causes or contributes to unacceptable job performance or unacceptable job behavior is prohibited.
  • The unauthorized use, possession, transportation, delivery, or sale of alcoholic beverages by persons while on Project premises or while operating Company / Contractor / Project equipment is prohibited.



JGC and its Sub-contractors', Vendors and Visitors shall abide by this policy and any person violating this policy shall be removed from Project premises and will be denied future access to Project premises. In appropriate cases, local law enforcement agencies will be advised of violations.



BARZAN SHE'S Management Team strongly adhere to their commitment of ensuring the "safety and health" of their workers at the project site and likewise comply with RLC requirements on Alcohol and Drugs such as:


  • Possession, abuse, transportation or distribution of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited in RLC.
  • Abuse of alcohol or drugs on site will be disciplined with immediate dismissal.
  • Brewing, distilling and blending of alcohol are prohibited by law and are subject to prosecution.
  • Possession and consumption of alcohol inside the Laffan Global Village without a license and authorization is prohibited.

To ensure compliance drivers, undergo the Breathalyzer Test daily carried out by the Security Guard prior to entry at the gate.  A sticker is given to those who have passed the test and is included as part of the daily monitoring record. 


This is also part of the Barzan program in support of the Seven Golden Rules for Safe Driving that JGC Corporation is promoting for all JGC's project worldwide. 


Reports of the daily testing and monitoring are prepared by the Security Guard and given to the  Security Coordinator.