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Barzan PPE Requirement





The Barzan Onshore Project adheres to its policy that requires all workers to don the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) prior to entering the project site.  The PPE Procedure is applicable to all personnel working on the Barzan Project Site, off-site and camp locations.   Barzan procedure is limited to the general PPE requirements for the head, hands, feet, eyes, ears, falls, respiratory protection, protective clothing and fall arrest systems. It is however important to understand that specific PPE requirements should be clearly defined in job specific risk assessments.



To make all workers aware of the requirement, Barzan conducts information campaigns through posters on bulletin boards and discussions during the regular Tool Box Talks at the project site and asks workers to sign a commitment to wear the specified PPE for the specific tasks.










 Environmental Engineers from the Company, JGC and Subcontractors poses showing the right PPE after carrying out the Environmental Emergency drills. JGC Engineer signing his commitment to wear PPE specifically the right gloves for the right jobs.