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Material Transport Safety





JGC developed the Transportation and Traffic Management Plan to facilitate and ensure that the mitigation measures are set out to reduce the impact on health, safety and the environment pertaining to traffic movement and transportation throughout the Construction Phase.  JGC is fully aware of all current legislation and regulations with regards to Traffic and Transportation and is committed to the safe operation of traffic management and road transportation, providing clear operating procedures and standards, which shall be observed and adhered to for all JGC Projects.


To ensure it's compliance, JGC set guidelines for ensuring transportation safety to be implemented throughout the project site.


General Requirements for Transporting Loads


• Loading the cargo properly • Restraining the cargo correctly • Using adequate securing devices


General Load Securement Requirements


A securement system is a securement method that uses one or a combination of the following elements:

• Vehicle Structure. • Securing Devices. • Blocking and Bracing Equipment
The securement system chosen must be appropriate for the load’s size, shape, strength, and characteristics. All elements of the vehicle structure and anchor points must be in good working order: No obvious damage. No distress. No weakened parts. No weakened sections.


Using Tie downs, (lashing) for securing the Loads


• A tiedown, (Synthetic Webbing, Chains, Wire ropes, Manila ropes, Steel strappings, Sybthetic ropes etc.) must be designed, constructed, and maintained so that the driver can tighten it (Exception: steel strapping).
• All components of a tiedowns must be in proper working order,i.e, No knots or obvious damage, No weakened parts, No weakened sections.
• Each tiedown must be attached and secured so that it does not become loose or unfastened, open, or release during transit.
Containing, Immobilizing, and Securing Loads

• Loading properly • Restraining the load correctly • Using adequate securing devices • Using adequate support elements on the sides of the truck/trailers.



BARZAN Material Transport Safety



The Barzan Onshore Project, in compliance with JGC Material Transport Safety requirements, adheres strict implementation of the program by ensuring that all construction activities involving the use of vehicles or other means of transportation by JGC, Subcontractors and vendors are controlled within and off site and potentially harmful situations are be eliminated or reduced to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). 


Regular inspections for vehicles are carried out  prior to entering the gate and likewise for the performance of subcontractors in relation to material transport safety.


 BARZAN Transport Section carrying out inspections to ensure that the required rules are observed by following the checklist.