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3R's Practices in Barzan




JGC implements a Waste Management Program following the guidelines and the three pillars of the Environmental Management System aligned to ISO 14001 such as compliance with regulatory and statutory local and International requirements, reduction and prevention of environmental aspects and impacts and increased awareness by all workers, Clients, Subcontractors, Customers and vendors of the importance of Environmental Stewardship to eventually help sustain the environment.


Recently, JGC Corporation launched the "Zero Emissions Initiative 2015" for all JGC Projects worldwide that aims to increase not only on the awareness but also to put into action programs leading to 'Zero Emissions".




BARZAN 3R's Programs Implement


The two years since the start of Barzan Onshore Project, the Environmental programs made its milestone following its Environmental Management Plan and the Environmental Socio-Economic and Health Impact Assessment. At the peak of the Barzan Onshore Project, waste generation on-site and at camps increased. However, the Environment Team made exemplary achievement of ensuring the "Best Environmental Practices" through the implementation of the 3R's (Reduce, Re-use & Recycle) concepts.


Used wood from cable drums utilized for the fence of Barzan Interim Waste Facility. Scrap metal was sent to Qatar Steel for recycling. Used oil collected by RLIC for oil recycling.
Used wood & plyboard re-used for carpentry shop. All Cardboard and paper were collected and sent to a recycling company. Used wood & plyboard were re-used for octagon type of rest shelter, a new model of rest shelter in the Barzan Site


Records show that 83% of the waste being generated on site and at camps during the first quarter 2013 has been recycled and re-used; that includes cardboard/paper, wood, scrap metal (drums, tin cans) which have been sent to recycling agencies. Some of the wood has been re-used for rest shelters, benches, signage stands and the like.


This program implemented in Barzan are in compliance with JGC objectives of a "ZERO Emissions Initiative 2015" and have been welcomed by the Company and the local agencies. 


JGC in turn recognizes the great achievement of the Barzan Environmental Team in working towards developing a sustainable society.