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Barzan Coastal Clean Up Program




JGC is committed to working towards the realization of a sustainable society and it has been organized around four priorities such as Environment, Education, Science and Technology and Local Contribution.  JGC believes that this will help ensure safety and a sustained environment beneficial not only for our clientele, but also to employees and the local communities.


JGC adheres to its commitment to the objectives stated in its "ZERO EMISSIONS INITIATIVE 2015", and encourages compliances in all JGC Projects.


BARZAN ECO - Coastal Clean Up Program


The Eco Coastal Clean-up is one of the initiatives organized by the Eco-Committee that aims to continuously promote environmental stewardship amongst office and site employees.




Fifty staff, including the Project Site Manager and the client's SHES Manager participated in the first JGC Coastal Clean-up in collaboration with local communities. More than 7m3 of wastes were collected and transported to the registered and authorized waste facility.



The Eco-committee is represented by one representative from each section responsible to attend a one hour meeting each month to discuss and brainstorm programs aligned to JGC's committment to environmental responsibility.