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85 Million Manhours w/o LTI Achieved





The Barzan Onshore Project, a project in Ras Laffan Industrial City with almost 28,232 workers has achieved 85,000,000 Manhours without Lost Time Incident (LTI) on October 1, 2013 having an overall project progress accomplishment of 63.23%.



This achievement owes much to the contribution made by good team work, having 133 and 2,472 TSTI Coaches and Leaders respectively and the several BOI and IIF Activities on Project site with close supervision and coordination by 494 Safety Personnel both from JGC and Subcontractors.  These elements make up a team committed to making the Barzan Onshore Project a safe place to work by promoting and performing the Best Safety Practices leading towards to the accomplishment of our "ZERO INCIDENTS" target at all times.



Likewise, this is a clear indication of the great commitment starting from Top Management and extending down to the individual workers. The JGC SHE&S Manager, Mr. Johnny Brand, and the staff of the JGC SHE&S Department, wish to congratulate everybody for the successful achievement of this great milestone.



A commitment of building good relationships among fellow workers with the common motto of,"I am responsible... together we will be the best!"