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Barzan Celebrates 130 Million Man Hours without Lost Time Incident

Barzan Celebrates 130 Million Man Hours without Lost Time Incident





On the 23rd day of March 2014, JGC's large-scale Barzan Project which had a manpower of 28,530 at this time, achieved 130 Million Man Hours without Lost Time Incident. 


This was an outstanding and remarkable achievement for JGC, Client and all JGC's Subcontractors.  The Client recognized the hard work and joint efforts of all project organizations that was required to achieve such a remarkable project milestone.  The Client further expressed its pride being associated with such a world-class project. 

The key to this achievement lies in the Safety, Health, Environment & Security Management System which was developed with meticulous care and consideration given to every potential risk and the control measures needed to reduce its severity.  The system was cascaded with full commitment and support from Senior Management of JGC, the Client and JGC's Subcontractors, to and brought into by all levels of the organization.  The relentless push to make the site an incident and injury free worksite through programs like the Incident and Injury Free Program, Behavioral Observation & Intervention Program and JGC Safety Observation Program has worked dividends.  All program elements were executed with proper planning, communication, cooperation and coordination. 





As stated in the project vision "I am responsible, together we will be the best," it was the joint team effort of JGC, Client and JGC's Subcontractors that has helped reaching this remarkable milestone.