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Barzan Celebrates 130 Million Man Hours without Lost Time Incident

Barzan Celebrates 130 Million Man Hours without Lost Time Incident         On the 23rd day of March 2014, JGC's large-scale Barzan Project which had a manpower of 28,530 at this time, ach...


HSSE Weekly Management Walkthrough

JGC HSSE WEEKLY Management Walkthrough     JGC implements the Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) Weekly Management Walkthrough aligned to its HSSE Plans and Procedures and to the requir...


Office Safety

OFFICE SAFETY BARZAN ONSHORE PROJECT     The Barzan Onshore Project believes that offices are not exempt from the need to identify and cope with any associated hazards that may potentially cause accid...


World Environment Day 2013

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY BARZAN ONSHORE PROJECT     JGC recognizes the importance of "World Environment Day ('WED')" and as a responsible company, JGC Management encourages all JGC projects to promote t...